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Facebook in China




If you want to unblock Facebook in China you’ve got to consider a few things.


1. Where are you going to be accessing the Internet from?


If you’re at work or school you might not be able to install stuff on the computer.  Maybe you’re a student and want to kill some time on your Facebook account.  Maybe you’re at work your boss is gone for a while – time to play a game of chess or check your friends FB status.  You might not have the time to spend searching for proxy ports or install some sort of software that you’ll just have to uninstall in 15 minutes because it’s not your computer anyway.   
Are you going to unblock Facebook in China from an iPhone, iPad or Android Phone?  There’s really not much in the way of software ever since PPTP and L2TP VPN have lots of trouble in China.

So, you’re going to need a web based proxy. You can get this at Securitales.

securitales logo

Securitales is cool because it’s cheap and fast.  It also gets you access to just about every site you need to unblock. With the exception of sites that require an IP address from a specific country (ie Hulu or Netflix), you can unblock pretty much anything else. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, banned Wikipedia pages, and Gmail on those days when you just can’t connect.

Are you on your own computer?

Virtual private networks are great, and here’s why.

They’re more secure than proxies because they secure your ENTIRE computer.  Applications, games, browsers, and all other software that uses an Internet connection will be done through the VPN connection.  You’ll have your IP exchanged for something outside of China (probably US or UK)  without even thinking about it. Unlike a web based proxy which needs you to enter the site’s URL into a secure browser, using  VPN means that you can connect to it and forget about it running in the background.


Sign Up for a VPN Service Here


2. How much are you willing to spend on a solution?


If you’re looking to save some cash, Securitales is the way to go.  For 16 USD you can get a two month subscription.  They’ve also go cheaper (by the month) deals for 6 months/$39 and 12 months/$72.  If you sign up for a year it means you’ll be paying $6 a month – damn cheap, even on a Chinese salary (36 RMB a month to unblock ANY site)

There are a quite a few VPN services available out there than range in prices from 5 dollars a month to about 20.  Problem is that it’s hard to find ones that aren’t blocked. Really, most of my favorite VPN services have been killed off by censors recently, which make it hard to find a site to actually buy a VPN.  There are of course, many that are accessible, but just because they aren’t blocked in China, doesn’t mean that you should buy them.

4. Are you going to do anything else other with your new IP?


If all you’re really looking to do is get on Facebook and a couple other sites like blogs, news sites, and general Internet browsing, Securitales is definitely enough. There’s no need to spend more money on something fancy.  Securitales is fast, so you don’t need to worry about that, and if I was just looking for secure browsing in China, the web based proxy is what I’d sign up for. It’s way cheaper, and there’s no installation, updates, or other possibilities for technical failure.

I use a VPN however.  I’ve got to maintain my blog, send and receive files, and work online from China.  Because a VPN secures my whole computer, there’s just a whole lot less I’ve got to think about. I just connect to the VPN server and go about my work.  For me, a bit of extra cash for a lot more convenience is totally worth it.


For a full, updated list of services go to


Here’s the link for the Proxy: SecuriTales Proxy